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nacac-knowledge-center-logoNACAC is a trusted source for valuable professional information. So it makes perfect sense that NACAC is host to a collection of resources for members to use in helping their students and families through the admission process. The Knowledge Center is a member benefit with hundreds of resources, arranged by topic areas to help you keep up with professional and societal trends affecting college admission counseling. You simply need your NACAC username and password to gain access.

Main topical areas are Admission, Counseling, Financing College, and Professional Ethics. Within each category, you will find subcategories of topics related to your area of interest. Each page includes articles and discussion papers, brochures, presentations, models and samples, and newsletters to help you do your job more efficiently.

The NACAC Knowledge Center is a forum for sharing tools and resources for the college admission counseling profession. You are invited to submit models and samples of materials you use in your daily work. Submissions can be sent

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College Lists 2.0 (2009 National Conference presentation)
Why Good Students Write Bad Essays (2008 National Conference presentation)
College Navigator: A college search tool from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES)
College Preparation Checklist (From the Department of Education)

NACAC's College Awareness Guide

Affiliate Associations

NACAC has 23 chartered, affiliate associations that work to respond to the professional needs of their members and to be part of the delivery system for NACAC programs and services at the local level.

The national association and the affiliates are linked by joint programs and governance operations. The presidents and presidents-elect of affiliates serve on the NACAC Affiliates’ President Council – a forum to facilitate communication between NACAC and the affiliates and among the affiliates.

Eligible institutions/organizations can be members of NACAC and/or their affiliate associations.


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