2018-2019 College Fair Requests

The 2018-2019 MOACAC College Fair Request Forms are now closed.

MOACAC continues to have a vested interest in collaborating with high schools to assist in the planning of college fairs in an effort to best meet the needs of your students.  The consolidation of fairs has proven successful in reaching more students as well as saving on expenses for both high schools and colleges.   MOACAC will review all requests and will most likely try to further consolidate programs, especially those within a short distance from each other. 

Please note that schools that are selected to host a MOACAC college fair will be obligated to renew their MOACAC membership ($25) for the 2018-2019 year.

In order to be added to the College Fair Calendar for 2018-2019, your fair MUST meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • 100 or more colleges in attendance
  • 500 or more students/parents in attendance
  • 25 Mile Rule – if another school is having a fair within a 25 miles radius, try to combine the fairs

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your fair does not meet one of these criteria you are still welcome to host your fair.  Please keep in mind though that it will not be listed on our calendar, resulting in possible conflicts with another fair’s date/time or limiting the number of colleges in attendance at your fair.  We strongly encourage fairs to last no longer than 90 minutes, with 2 hours being the max.  We also urge you to consider collaborating with other area high schools that may have also hosted their own fair in the past.  If you need help identifying these schools, please do not hesitate to contact us for suggestions.

To ensure consideration for the College Fair Calendar, please submit your request no later than March 1st, 2018.  Someone from our organization will contact you to finalize the day and time as it relates to other area requests.

Below are the suggested week(s) for college fairs within each designated region of Missouri. College Rep participation typically increases and travel expenses decrease when we are more strategic with the scheduling of college fairs statewide by geographic region.

  • St. Louis (September 16th – 21st & October 21st – 26th)
  • Kansas City (September 9th – 14th & October 14th – 16th)
  • Central (September 23rd – 26th & October 17th – 19th)
  • Northwest (October 7th – 12th)
  • Southwest (October 1st – 5th)
  • Northeast (September 26th – 27th)
  • Southeast (October 22nd – 25th)


We thank you for your efforts with this endeavor and, as always, we are committed to serving your students.  We welcome any questions or comments regarding this process and look forward to fulfilling your request soon.


Jamie Staggs, MOACAC College Fair Chair
Senior Regional Admissions Counselor, Western Illinois University
Phone: (618) 635-3087
Email: jj-staggs@wiu.edu